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Celebrity Clothing


We are no ordinary Drycleaner, we understand that exceptional garments require exceptional care. Not only do we recognize designer and couture garments, but we have the fabricare knowledge to protect your investment.






Shirts Service


We use an automatic shirt finisher machine which allows your shirts have a perfect, crisp and timely finishing without the use of a regular hand-held iron. It handles the minutest details that make your collars and cuffs crisp and clean.

This high-performance 21st century equipment enables Profi Tech cleaners to finish large number of shirts in a consistently high quality manner in record time. Needless to say that this prevents your garment from over-stretching & routine damages from manually operated hand-held finishers. The Profi Tech cleaners finished shirt is guaranteed.


Suits Services


Our dry cleaning process is unique and does not subject your clothes to the rigors of traditional cleaning. WestmanQuest has found that some fragile fabrics cannot be subjected to machine cleaning on a regular basis otherwise it becomes loose. Hence, we are committed to hand-finishing such delicate garments and take adequate precautions where necessary.

Our process significantly reduces fading and fraying over time. Our skilled operational staffs achieve the best possible results with each garment you bring to us.


Image result for wedding dressWedding Dresses

     Wedding Gown Preservation and Restoration Specialist! Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is a symbol of an important event in your life and should be treated with special      care. Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves professional attention.

The key to beautifully cleaning and preserving your gown is to begin the process as soon as possible. Stains will not have time to set and/or oxidize, which can make it much more difficult to achieve complete stain removal.

Wedding Gowns Are Processed On Our Premises: Many dry cleaners accept wedding gowns for cleaning, restoration and preservation but perhaps because of lack of technical skills and/or experience do not do the work themselves. Unfortunately your gown is sent off site and the company you entrusted with your gown is in fact not the company that performs


Drapery & Beddings


We recognize the substantial investment our clients make in their window coverings. Exposure to humidity, sunlight and pollutants can result in significant color loss and permanent damage to fabrics over time. Why discard them when you can return them to as close to new as possible.


Quality Control

All dresses are carefully examined prior to being cleaned, fabrics are evaluated for serviceability and buttons or ornamental elements are protected or removed before the cleaning process.

From fur trim, beads and sequins, to silk, leather and cashmere, we know garments are all about the details. We understand that every single detail requires a level of care.

You don't worry when you are purchasing your wardrobe. Now, you don't need to worry when you are having it cleaned.

Every garment brought through our doors, is evaluated by our staff and discussed with you, to ensure the most appropriate cleaning method is chosen. In some cases, your garment will be entirely hand cleaned if deemed to risky or delicate to be cleaned otherwise.

At the final stage when you collect your garments we urge you to check them yourselves with our staff, we realize that clothes are personal and reflect an individual’s personality there may be adjustments you would like to make, it could be that you prefer your garment pressed in a particular way and have not advised us, in most cases we can do this straight away without delaying you.

We take great pride in our packaging, this is to protect your garment and help it retain that just pressed look when you come to wear it. All our packaging is specifically designed for a purpose, trouser guards to prevent the hanger from creasing the trousers or allowing them to slip in transit, epaulettes to retain the shape of a jacket, shoulder guards to prevent dust when stored in your wardrobe and much more for shirts, wedding dresses, duvets and natives. The packaging also reflects the respect we have for your garments

The attention to detail, and our staff's dedication to keeping your wardrobe looking brand new, is what makes our process quintessential. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

Stain Removal


This process of stain removal is very sensitive process and can only be managed by a thorough breed professional. Our professionals have been trained and retrained to master the delicate act of stain removal on all manner of fabric.




Red Ribbon Services

This is a special business product created to meet the unique need for quality dry cleaning services in corporate Nigeria. This service requires that the organization purchase service vouchers represented with a branded card from Profi tech cleanersPlaceholder Image

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at specially reduced prices and distribute same to deserving members of the company. This will help the company's work force maintain a very strong corporate posture. Additionally, the service also has high social benefits for the company and the staff beneficiaries. It also improves staff morale and loyalty.


Mobile Services


We understand our customers’ crowded schedule and the need to help them free up time to achieve more, and enjoy the benefit of their hard work. We have therefore created a dynamic mobile department which is rapidly growing in clientele and fleet mainly due its needs based approach to business. This service allows you to get your laundry picked up anywhere on our designated route and delivered to you at your preferred location so that you have more time to achieve more and enjoy life.


Finished Product Packaging

In Profit tech cleaners everything matters. In order to reflect the level of energy and painstaking hard work that we have put into handling your garment, we utilize high end polythene bags branded accordingly and paper products to creative pack your finished clothing leaving it as good as new.




Fashion & Gift Store


Part of our vision as our retail business evolves in dry-cleaning, is to intelligently create a one stop shop for our customers professional dry cleaning and fashion needs. In furtherance of this vision, we have commenced a modest investment in mid scale boutique and fashion stores within the same location at some of our stores. 

This makes it possible for customer to dry clean and shop for shirts and accessories from some of our stores at the same time thereby leaving them with much more time to achieve their dreams and to enjoy life. Our customers have come to rely on us in this regards. Profi tech cleaners is the only dry cleaning store so structured in sub Sahara Africa.



Profi Tech Cleaners ltd.

Welcome to Profi Tech cleaners ltd., Nigeria's premier dry cleaning firm. We provide unparalled service, with focus on quality cleaning and stress free packaging and delivery.